The Importance Of Web Application Security

More and more people contribute their AV Discovery knowledge and opinions on the Internet. They can do it through social networks, email newsletters, or publishing on a website or blog. The easiest thing would be to put tweets or posts on Facebook expressing what everyone thinks, but having a blog gives another image of the person who writes much more professional

Having a blog or website is a complicated job, not only because you have to publish content on it, but also because you have to maintain it—hosting, code, security, etc. Maybe we can skip the code using WordPress, but the truth is that we will always have to deal with many more things that can take away valuable time that we could spend writing.

Not everyone is an expert in systems or security administration, programming, or maintaining a web page. A lot of people write on the Internet, but how many know how to fix a problem that may arise with PHP, Apache, Nginx, or MySQL?

Having a website is not installing 4 or 5 packages in Linux and living life. You have to be very careful with everything. Every day thousands of attacks are made to web pages in search of vulnerabilities, and many times they are found. Cybercriminals steal user data and confidential information stored in databases causing great harm to the victim, and precisely for them, it is vitally important to have a WordPress hosting service managed by professionals capable of providing us with security, speed, and performance as long as you want to use WordPress, of course. If the person who owns the web is able to manage the server and the web, go ahead. I at Geeky Theory do it. Of course, there are many things to improve, and I also have to invest a lot of time in it since we have to check the available updates or the packages that are installed, among many other things.

What if one day there is more traffic than usual? Does the web crash, or do I start to struggle with it? My advice if you do not want to complicate your life is to hire professionals who are available 24 hours and if they have support in your language, better than better.

It can also be the case that you simply want to write. You would like to use WordPress because it works great and can be adapted to the personal and professional needs of each one without too much work. In this case, there are also experts who help you install WordPress so that it works stably, quickly, and of course, securely.

There are many web hosting companies, but be careful when choosing them because your website, blog, or business can be compromised if you do not choose well.

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