Four Alternatives To IFTTT To Be More Productive

Anyone’s dream is for your computer to work for you. That is possible, to some extent, thanks to services like IFTTT, which automate certain tasks by doing them for you,

For those who are not familiar with IFTTT, say that it is a web service 3win that connects actions with other online services or services among themselves. Its objective is to carry out automatic actions that you usually do regularly so that you will save time and be more productive. There are many examples, but to name a few, IFTTT allows you to move files from Dropbox to Google Drive or vice versa, copy your photos from Instagram or Facebook to Dropbox or Drive as a backup or send your important Gmail messages to Evernote, between many other possible combinations.


In the list of alternatives to IFTTT stands out a specific web application, Zapier. It currently contains a whopping almost 250 compatible web services, among which you’ll find Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, Google Calendar, Trello, Gmail, Dropbox, Paypal, MailChimp and many more. As with IFTTT, you can combine them all together creating very useful synergies to make you more productive, freeing yourself from repetitive tasks such as moving files between online storage services, sending automatic emails, create a PDF document with data from a certain service, add an event to your online calendars when creating it from one, etc. By default, Zapier is free, although to perform more than 100 tasks per month and create more than five types of tasks, you will need a paid account.


Following in the footsteps of IFTTT and Zapier comes We-Wired Web, a service that is currently in the Beta phase but that promises to live up to its predecessors. Among other compatible services, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Delicious, Blogger, 500px, Flickr, Google Drive, LinkedIn, Pocket, or SoundCloud stand out. Its editor is very easy to use, with two columns full of services that are combined by dragging and dropping them to the two blank spaces in the center of the screen. Once combined, you will have many options to customize the generated task. Another interesting detail is that you can recommend new services to add to We-Wired Web.


In third place, we find itDuzzit, compatible with more than 100 applications and services, among which we find the services of Google, Yammer, Zoho, Blogger, Dropbox, Bitly, Flickr, CrashPlan, MailChimp, JIRA or Microsoft Dynamics. On this occasion, itDuzzit bets more on services focused on the company than on the average user, with clear professional services. As in the previous cases, you can create a free account limited to 20 transactions and 30 notifications per month or make use of paid accounts. Its task editor is somewhat more complex than IFTTT or Zapper, which also means creating more advanced and customizable rules to the maximum.


A service to complement IFTTT or replace it if you only need to work with files is Wappwolf, a tool that creates tasks centered on Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box. Specifically, you can upload files from your online storage accounts to Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, or Skydrive, convert PDF documents, add effects to photos or encrypt files so that they are safe from outside eyes. After giving Wappwolf permission to access your Dropbox, Drive, or Box space, a specific Wappwolf folder will be created where the created web configurable tasks will be executed.

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What do I do when inheriting a WordPress site?

Are you a developer who just inherited a WordPress site? Inheriting an existing WordPress site comes with a lot of responsibilities. In this article, we are going to highlight the ten things you should do when inheriting a WordPress site mmc996 Singapore.

Password Safe – Get all access

When inheriting a WordPress site, the first thing you should do is gather all the username and password information. This includes the web hosting password, FTP password, CDN, domain administration password, the password of all installed plugins that require it, and ultimately all the data that we will need to administer the website.

Change all passwords and administration emails

The first thing you need to do when you already have all the passwords is to modify all of them, making sure that neither the old developer nor the owner will be able to modify them. It is also important not to forget to change the email on the WordPress admin settings page.

Take notes to get familiar.

Before making changes to the site, it is important to take notes and become familiar with the website. It is very important that you understand the importance and functionality of each plugin. It is also important to take note of the theme and the widgets that are being used.


Make a backup of all your files before you start changing anything on the site. This assures us that if we have any problems, we can easily restore the original version.

Update user roles and permissions

One of the first things to do when inheriting a WordPress site is to check which user has the permissions. It is important to limit the role of the administrator user only to those users who really need it. Depending on the site and needs, sometimes, you may want to reset passwords for all users.

Security and performance analysis

Since this is a new site, it is important that you run a security and performance scan. For security analysis, it is recommended to use Sucuri. If you are not familiar with the development, you can ask your web hosting company for a security scan, many of them offer it as a free service if you request it.

For good performance, we recommend using Google Page Speed. It offers a wide variety of ideas and recommendations.

Check proper tracking and SEO integration

Beginners often add their Google Analytics tracking to their topics, but it’s best to use a site-specific plugin. If the site doesn’t have any tracking turned on, then Google Analytics settings are highly recommended.

It is also important that you ensure that the site is properly submitted to Google Webmaster Tools. Make sure your sitemaps are working properly and are subject to webmaster tools.

Implement version control

If you are a developer, then setting version control for the site is highly recommended. It is quite easy to use GitHub or BitBucket. It is also recommended to create a staging site to ensure you have a stable testing environment before pushing things live. Although this technique is recommended for all sites, it is a must if you are working with a larger client. For those of us who are afraid to configure this, then WPEngine, a managed WordPress hosting provider, offers a robust testing environment and version control.

Cleaning the site

Now that you are familiar with the project, it is best to clean up all the unnecessary stuff. Delete all inactive themes and plugins, unnecessary user accounts, and optimize the WordPress database.

To get better

Communicate with the customer and see how the site can be improved. Perform a full code audit to see how it can be improved. An easy way to do this is to turn on debug mode and check the scripts and code everywhere.

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The Importance Of Web Application Security

More and more people contribute their AV Discovery knowledge and opinions on the Internet. They can do it through social networks, email newsletters, or publishing on a website or blog. The easiest thing would be to put tweets or posts on Facebook expressing what everyone thinks, but having a blog gives another image of the person who writes much more professional

Having a blog or website is a complicated job, not only because you have to publish content on it, but also because you have to maintain it—hosting, code, security, etc. Maybe we can skip the code using WordPress, but the truth is that we will always have to deal with many more things that can take away valuable time that we could spend writing.

Not everyone is an expert in systems or security administration, programming, or maintaining a web page. A lot of people write on the Internet, but how many know how to fix a problem that may arise with PHP, Apache, Nginx, or MySQL?

Having a website is not installing 4 or 5 packages in Linux and living life. You have to be very careful with everything. Every day thousands of attacks are made to web pages in search of vulnerabilities, and many times they are found. Cybercriminals steal user data and confidential information stored in databases causing great harm to the victim, and precisely for them, it is vitally important to have a WordPress hosting service managed by professionals capable of providing us with security, speed, and performance as long as you want to use WordPress, of course. If the person who owns the web is able to manage the server and the web, go ahead. I at Geeky Theory do it. Of course, there are many things to improve, and I also have to invest a lot of time in it since we have to check the available updates or the packages that are installed, among many other things.

What if one day there is more traffic than usual? Does the web crash, or do I start to struggle with it? My advice if you do not want to complicate your life is to hire professionals who are available 24 hours and if they have support in your language, better than better.

It can also be the case that you simply want to write. You would like to use WordPress because it works great and can be adapted to the personal and professional needs of each one without too much work. In this case, there are also experts who help you install WordPress so that it works stably, quickly, and of course, securely.

There are many web hosting companies, but be careful when choosing them because your website, blog, or business can be compromised if you do not choose well.

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Be aware of the main benefits of using baby play mat


Be aware of the main benefits of using baby play mat

Eye-popping designs and impressive colors of baby journey play mats encourage many parents to explore and compare these products in detail. As a parent with a desire to enhance the overall comfort and safety of your baby, you require investing in the play mat and floor mate made of high-quality materials. Good-looking and padded play mats play the main role behind 100% safety of all babies in the living room and nursery.

Choose and buy the best play mat 

 There are loads of suggestions and products recommended to keep a baby busy and safe. If you have decided to keep your baby engaged and busy without any requirement to keep an eye on him or her, then you can choose and buy the best-in-class nature of the play mat. You will get the absolute guidance at any time you read honest reviews of top brands of baby play mats and ensure about the easy way to fulfil baby play mat shopping.  

High-quality play mats are the best sources of mind and also agility stimulation for the baby. Experts in the latest collection of play mats make certain that these products encourage the overall baby development and improve the baby’s hand and eye coordination and also fine motor skills. If you are a beginner to the baby play mat shopping and thinking about the complete guidelines to choose and buy the appropriate baby play mats, then you can contact the shop recommended for the competitive prices of high-quality play mats. You will get the complete guidance and fulfil baby play mat shopping. 

Different benefits of using the play mat 

Smart parents wish to know about the real benefits of having a good play mat for their beloved baby.   A high-quality play mat is a flat piece of material and very helpful to every baby to play upon. Every baby who uses this mat can get cushioning and feel happiness because arches, hanging toys, baby safe mirrors, bells and other things in the play mat. Attractive colors and designs of affordable yet premium baby play mats on the market give you a wide range of benefits. You can focus on everything about features of play mats and make an informed decision to buy one of the most appropriate play mats for your baby. 

Everyone likes to explore loads of options at any time they like to buy any item in the local market or shops on online. Once they have planned to buy the baby play mat, they can take note of top brands of play mats  and compare such products based on the material, design, configuration, size, quality, safety and other important things. They can contact and discuss with experts in the baby play mats at any time they wish to be successful in their approach to pick and buy the baby play mat. 

The foremost developmental benefits of using the baby play mats encourage everyone to directly choose and buy one of these products for their beloved baby. The first-class design of the baby play mat keeps your baby active and healthy on a regular basis. This product is very helpful to develop the body and mind of the baby. 


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Understanding Web Services Specifications

Let’s start with a general idea of ​​what web services are and why they are important to software development.

After all, what is the problem?

If you hadn’t tired of hearing all kinds of information about Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and web services, you wouldn’t be here, so the question is why so much trouble with this? The answer is that this is something important because it is a paradigm shift in the way applications communicate with each other. SOAs have been around for a very long time. Initially, these were mostly middleware applications where a single type of middleware owns at least both ends of the cable. On the other hand, web services, they are made up of a group of standards that try to make it possible for various systems to communicate, without the need for a particular middleware, programming language, or even an operating system. Let’s look at the progression from where we started to now.

Traditional applications

At first, it was computers. And it was a good thing. Computers did seemingly miraculous tasks, automating many things that people did by hand, from complex calculations, to finance, too many other tasks.

But traditional applications are “silos.” The human resources application could not speak to the finance application, which, in turn, could not speak to the distribution application. All of these applications had their own home on their own computers, and while useful, it was not a good way to share data between them. One had the option to write batch processes to pass data from one system to the other, but that was not a substitute for real-time integration.

Distributed computing

The next step in our chain of evolution is distributed computing. Distributed computing allowed different applications to communicate with each other, even when on different computers. CORBA, NTS, and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) technologies provided a system that included a style registry so that applications could find components they wanted to interact with, and then call them as if they were located on the local machine.

These systems were supported by middleware, or more specifically, by message-oriented middleware, which provided both requirements. Applications can now be created in such a way that they can access resources on other systems, even if they are in different geographic locations.

But there was still a problem. Although applications could communicate anywhere within the system, it was still a closed system. At a minimum, your client application must use the same technology as the server application. Also, as a general rule, systems were not designed to be accessed outside of the individual organization that created them.

Extended web services specifications

Of the dozens of WS-* specifications that are hanging around, several stand out as particularly useful to the business. And they are:

  • WS-Security (Security for web services): This specification handles encryption and digital signatures, which will allow you to create an application so that messages cannot be ‘spied on’ and where non-rejection is impossible. Part four of this series deals with WS-Security.
  • WS-Policy: This specification is an extension of WS-Security, which will allow you to more specifically detail how and who can use a web service. Part five of this series deals with WS-Policy.
  • WS-I: Although web services are supposed to be designed to have interoperability, there is actually quite a bit of flexibility in the specifications that interpretations between different implementations can cause problems. WS-I provides a set of standards and practices to prevent such problems, as well as standardized tests to verify problems. WS-I is the subject of part six of this series.
  • WS-BPEL (Business Process Execution Language for Web Services) – A single service is fine, but in most cases, it is not an application. At a minimum, enterprise-level computing requires you to create multiple services within a general system, and WS-BPEL provides you with the means to specify interactions such as forked and coincident processing necessary to create those systems. Part seven of this series deals with WS-BPEL.

Other specifications, which play an important role in web services, are not included in this series and include WS-Reliable Messaging, which allows you to be sure that one, and only one, copy of a message has been received, and that it has been definitively received; WSRF, the Web Services Resource Framework, allows you to use states in an environment that basically does not save preceding states; and Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM), which addresses the issue of managing and using web services.

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